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Welcome to Bayside Automatic Transmissions Frankston.

Bayside Automatic Transmissions has been providing Frankston and Mornington Peninsula with honest, dependable transmission service since 1979 and our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair this system.

Our technicians will give you a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your vehicle’s transmission’s overall performance and condition.
If your vehicle needs to be towed we can organize the towing to our workshop.

Bayside Automatic Transmissions are not about having the lowest prices in the country, or getting your attention with shock tactics or bling!! We are all about giving you the highest quality parts and service available in the town!!

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Automatic Transmission Service

Our Transmission Service Promise:

An automatic transmission is the most complicated system in you car. Everyone knows of a horror story about the cost and headaches associated with transmission problems and dreads the day it might happen to them.

Since you are here we assume that day has come.

Relax! You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Frankston & Mornington Automatic Transmission Service  QUICK LINKS & GREAT SERVICES OF OUR WORKSHOP

  Transmission Diagnostic Check

  Regular transmission servicing

  Transmission problemís

  Sloppy or rough gear changes?

  We have early morning drop-off facilities

  We offer an after hours contact number

  Bus stop 20 meters from the workshop

  We have ample off-street parking

  10mins walk to main Frankston shopping

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